Animal Angel Trees

Animal Angel Trees

The Giving Tree area will be filled with Animal Angel Trees.
Each Angel Tree will be decorated with ornaments from the exhibiting
Rescue Groups. The ornament will include an item from each
Rescue Group's Holiday Wish List. 

Examples of wish list items include:

  • Toys for the animals
  • Leashes/collars
  • Carriers
  • Food
  • Litter
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Dog/Cat Beds
  • Medical Supplies Monetary donations.

All Attendees are encouraged to visit the Giving Tree area located by Santa!


Attendees choose a particular Rescue Group's ornament, which they deliver to the
Giving Tree Desk and complete a donation sheet. The Giving Tree volunteers will process it
and see that it gets packed on Santa's sleigh for delivery to the Rescue Group!
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